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Labradorite Luminous Pendant with chain

  • £4490

THis teardrop shaped Labradorite gemstone set in silver comes with an 18 inch silver chain.

This gemstone displays wonderful changes of colour as the light plays upon the stone . This characteristic is called labradorescence. 

According to native Inuit legend, the Northern lights were imprisoned in the rocks of the Labrador coast . An Inuit warrior freed most of the Lights with a mighty strike of his spear. But some of the Lights still remained trapped in the rocks and so we are lucky to be able to find the beautiful mineral Labradorite. 

A birthstone for Aquarius , Pisces and Cancer. 

Labradorite is called the Stone of Transformation , providing strength and perseverance in times of change . Also may relieve anxiety and stress. 

 Pendant weight :  7 grams  Stone size: 2.1cm x 1.7cm 

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