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Lapis Lazuli Hammered Silver Ring

Lapis Lazuli Hammered Silver Ring

  • £4690

Lapis Lazuli gemstones set in hammered silver with an open back ring shank created as a design feature NOT for purposes of adjusting the size, but they will fit two finger sizes e.g. an N or an O. As the rings are hand crafted the stone sizes vary slightly by a few millimeters and the stones have slight colour and pattern variations.

Lapis Lazuli was formed as the result of contact metamorphism when pre existing limestone and marble rocks were changed by the intense heat and pressure of intruding magmas. Many Lapis Lazuli stones exhibit a speckled gold or silver glint due to the presence of shiny iron pyrites. 

In Tibetan culture Lapis Lazuli was prized more than diamonds as it was associated with spiritual attainment, wisdom and truth . The Egyptians believed wearing Lapis would ensure immortality. Cleopatra's iconic blue eye shadow was the ground dust of Lapis Lazuli stones. Leonardo da Vinci and other Masters used Lapis Lazuli to create vibrant blue pigments for their masterpieces

A birthstone for Capricorn and Libra.  A symbol of honour, courage, wisdom and truth . May bring harmony and inner tranquility. 

Sizes   M/N, N/O,  O/P

Average weight ; 5.8 grams      Average stone size:  1.4cm x 1cm

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