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Lapis Lazuli or Black Onyx Silver Pendants with Chain

Lapis Lazuli or Black Onyx Silver Pendants with Chain

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Delicate Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx gemstones set in sillver to create pendants which come with an 18 inch silver chain. 

Lapis Lazuli was formed as the result of contact metamorphism when pre existing limestone and marble rocks were changed by the intense heat and pressure of intruding magmas.   Many Lapis Lazuli stones exhibit a speckled gold or silver glint , due to the presence of shiny iron pyrites. 

In Tibetan culture Lapis Lazuli was prized more than diamonds being  associated with spiritual attainment, wisdom and truth . The Egyptians believed wearing Lapis would ensure immortality while the Sumeriams believed it would ensure a loving relationship.  Cleopatra's iconic blue eye shadow was originally the dust of Lapis Lazuli stones.A birthstone for Capricorn and Libra.  A symbol of honour, courage, wisdom and truth . May bring harmony and inner tranquility. 

 Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony formed when silica rich solutions cooled and solidified in cavties within lavas. 

Ancient Indian and Persian civilizations believed Onyx would protect from evil , and assist with the journey of life. Onyx is thought to help in times of stress, improve courage, protect the wearer , improve intuition and help individuals move to the next phase in their lives. It is the birthstone for Leo and Capricorn . 

Pendant and chain weight: 4.6 grams   Stone size; 1cm x 0.8cm 

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