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Long Opal earrings

Long Opal earrings

  • £8990

Opal is a beautiful stone , reflecting light in many different ways , allowing the  earrings to  change hue and twinkle . We have  been very lucky to find two such well matching opals and so were able to create earrings .

Opal is created from solutions of silicon dioxide , that enter cracks in pre-existing rocks. Once the water evaporated , a myriad of tiny spheres created Opals. Over 90% of Opals are mined in Australia. 

Opals are the birthstone for Libra and the month of October. They are said to stimulate creativity and originality , also encouraging a positive value of self esteem .

Weight;         3.8 grams

Stone size:    1.8cm  x  1cm 

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