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Malachite Galaxy Silver Bangle

  • £19800

This Bangle has been handcrafted to encase a beautiful Malachite gemstone within a swirling silver design . It is a unique piece both in stone and design.  It has a lobster claw fastener and a safety chain . 

The Malachite has  a beautiful  pattern of lighter green surrounded by a deep green evoking a swirling galaxy.  Malachite is  a copper carbonate and may induce harmony and positive thought. 

Bangle weight: 39.8 grams      Stone size: 4cm x 3cm 

Fits Wrist size 18 to 19 cm ( 7 to 7.5 inches ) but it depends how loose or tight you like to wear your bangles. Also many customers wear them on the mid forearm , where they look quite wonderful. 

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