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Midnight Sodalite Ring

  • £12090

This deep navy blue Sodalite gemstone is enhanced by delicate beige streaks , reminiscent of shooting stars across the midnight sky. The Sodalite has beeen hand set in a silver setting with a small embelishment on one side .

The stone is a tectosilicate, found in igneous rocks crystallized from sodium rich magmas. It is a relatively recenly discoverd gemstone, the first findings were located in southern Greenland in 1811.

The stone is thought to bring emotional balance, relieve panic attacks, enhance self esteem and bring wisdom . A birthstone for Sagittarius.

Weight:15.37 grams   Stone size  4cm x 2.3cm 

The ring is adjustable to sizes O, P, Q, R  . Please select you size in the coomets box and we shall adjust accordingly.

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