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Mirage Goldstone and Black Onyx Silver Rings

Mirage Goldstone and Black Onyx Silver Rings

  • £4890

Black Onyx and dark blue Goldstone gemstones hand set in silver.  The design of the ring creates an illusion, on one side of the stone the shank has a simple silver band on the other side the band is parted. 

Black Onyx    Onyx is a chalcedony formed when silica rich solutions persolate through pre existing rocks . the water evaporated to leave the Onyx bands. It may aid concentration and self-control, whilst also balancing male and female polarities.

Blue Goldstone   A synthetic stone created in Italy by monks practising alchemy. The colour is a very deep blue with tiny flecks of gold colour. It is reputed to have healing properties due to its copper and gold content. It is believed enhance dreams and the will to do good.

Weighs: 4.5g      Stone Measurement: 10mm x 14mm

The Black Onyx is on the left of the image , the Goldstone on the right with visible tiny sparkling specks. The rings are slightly adjustable but we shall adjust to your size as they are only intended to be adjusted in the workshop.


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