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Mizu Aquamarine Silver Ring

  • £5990

Aquamarinee cabochon gemstones hand set in silver to create impressive rings. 

Aquamarine is a beryllium aluminium silicate . It is named after the Latin for water `aqua` and sea `marina  due to its marine blue colour. Aquamarines are found in rocks called pegmatites. As magma inside the Earth  cooled and solidified water was trapped in some of the cavities.  Eventually the chemicals dissolved in these water pockets grew to form crystals. Originally discovered in 1792 in Siberia , however the main producer now is Brazil. 

It was known as the Treasure of the Mermaids and was worn by seafarers to keep them safe also to prevent sea sickness. It is a calming , soothing stone, said to bring happiness and longer lasting youth !It was also said to have a positive effect on relationships when worn by couples. 

Birthstone for Pisces and Aries.

Available in Malachite , Amber , Grey Paua Shell 

Average weight:  7.6 grams   Gemstone size ; 1.8cm x 1.3cm

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