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Moonstone and Amethyst Gemstone Cluster Earrings

Moonstone and Amethyst Gemstone Cluster Earrings

  • £3290

Two delicate silver earrings each set with a cluster of little Amethyst or Moonstone gemstones. 

Amethyst is a silicate mineral with traces of iron . Amethyst forms when silica rich solutions enter cavities, evaporate and form beautiful crystals .

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity and even prevent drunkenness!

Moonstone is an Orthoclase Feldspar, formed from cooling magmas  deep within the Earth . It exhibits a lovely play of colour known as adularescence. 

It is regarded by many cultures as the stone of femininity and is the birthstone for Cancerians. It may improve intuition and creativity ,provide a calming effect .

 Weight : 2.4 grams        Earring size; 1.6cm x1,3cm 

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