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Moonstone and Turquoise Dangling Silver Earrings

Moonstone and Turquoise Dangling Silver Earrings

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Two impressive pairs of earrings , perfect for enhancing any outfit or making that impression on zoom!

Left Moonstone Earrings weight:  4.8 grams  Stone sizes: 1.5cm x 1cm & 0.9cm x 0.7cm

Moonstone is an Orthoclase Feldspar, formed from cooling magmas  deep within the Earth . As the magmas cooled at differing speeds so thin layers of the minerals Albite and Orthoclase formed . As these minerals have different reflective indexes ,  light entering the stone is scattered  and diffused in many directions, creating the wonderful changes in colour, known as adularescence. 

It is regarded by many cultures as the stone of femininity and is the birthstone for Cancerians. It may improve intuition and creativity ,provide a calming effect .

Right Turquoise Earrings weight:  6.2 grams  Stone size:   1.5cm x 1.1cm  Te turquoise stones have been colour enhanced to create a more uniform blue. 

Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium. Turquoise has been used as an adornment for over 6000 years, being found in the burial chambers of ancient civilizations. 

Called “The Breath of Life” by the Native Americans, reminding humans of their Spitituality. Said to attract good luck and friendships, instill calm and alleviate depressions. It is the birthstone for Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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