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Moonstone Silver Swish Pendant and Earrings

Moonstone Silver Swish Pendant and Earrings

  • £5490

A Moonstone pendant with a swish of silver on one side and a pair of Moonstone earrings . The pendant comes complete with an 18 inch silver chain.

Moonstone is an Orthoclase Feldspar, formed from cooling magmas  deep within the Earth . As the magmas cooled at differing speeds so thin layers of the minerals Albite and Orthoclase formed which scatter the light creating the colour play known as adularescence.

It is regarded by many cultures as the stone of femininity and is the birthstone for Cancerians. It may improve intuition and creativity ,provide a calming effect .

Can be bought as a set or seperately, check the drop down menu.

Pendant weight : 4.5 grams      Stone size: 1.5cm x 1cm 

Earrings weight: 2.5grams        Stone size:  0.9cm x 0.7cm 

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