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Verdure Moss Agate Silver Ring

  • £5990


A deep green Moss Agate gemstone with slight hints of mossy strands with a wave of silver on one side.  The ring has been designed so that we can adjust it to several sizes. Please choose your size from the drop down menu.  Sizes M, N, O and we shall adjust accordingley. However the ri ng is not designed to be constantly adjusted . 

Moss Agate is a silicon dioxide with thread like dendritic inclusions caused by the presence of oxides of manganese or iron. Moss Agate is formed from pre existing weathered volcanic rocks. Agate artefacts have been found in Neolithic deposits dating back 10.000 BC . This gemstone is quite enigmatic. Hold it up to the light and see a myriad of threads within it . Place it on a white surface and the appearance chages again . When worn it has a beautiful subtle appearance against the skin 

Moss Agate is thought to encourage tranquility and emotional balance and was often exchanged as a token between friends. It is one of the birthstones for Virgo.

weight: 7.33 grams     Gemstone size:   1.8cm x 1.2cm .

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