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Multi Stone Pearl Bracelet

  • £6990

An elegant bracelet consisting of 12 pearls set in silver with a lobster claw fastener. This bracelet is easy to style , looks pretty alone or layered with other bracelets . Pearl is a popular delicate gemstone .

Pearls can be natural or cultured . Most pearls used in jewellery are cultured , as natural pearls are extremely expensive. 

The fist cultured pearls were created in Japan  in 1893. Many pearl farmers are environmentalists, as pearl oysters are susceptible to pollution , so the health of the oceanic waters is reflected in the quality of the pearls produced. 

Legend states that they were formed from dewdrops which were swallowed by oysters as they fell into the sea. A lovely thought !

They are a birthstone for Gemini and Cancer.  They are a symbol of femininity , fertility and longevity.

Weight 9.3 grams   19.5cm (7.5 inches)   Pearl size; 0.5cm 

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