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Opal Silver Satellite Bangle

  • £9900

Elegant demure handcrafted Silver Bangles with a little Opal gemstones as an added accent. The Opals are mainly a blue colour but can exhibit flashes of red whem moved in the light. Both bangles have an open back and are designed to be placed over the narrower side of the wrist then gently turned to face the front of the arm .

Although they are not joined at the back they are NOT designed to be squeezed or opened further to fit the wrist . Please measure your wrist and choose the correct size.

Opals are often said to` dazzle` , as they catch the light in so many different ways .  It often seems as if the stone  changes its mood as different rainbow hues can be seen depending on the light.

Opals are created from silion dioxide solutions, which entered fissures in ancient rocks during the Cretaceous geological period.  Once the water evaporated , the tiny spherical silica particles eventually formed  Opals. The spheres reflect incoming white light diffusing it to create the colours of the spectrum . Some opals exhibit more blue or green coliurs , others have flecks of red and orange 

Opal is a birthstone for Libra , Taurus  and the months of October, September and November...Opals are said to encourage stable relationships and companionship.

Left Bangle weight:    10.9 grams   Stone Size : 0.7cm x 0.6cm        Wrist size 16.5cm

Right Bangle weight: 12.1 grams   Stone size;  0.7cmcm x 0.6cm    Wrist size 17.5cm 

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