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Orbit Jade and Grey Paua Shell Silver Rings

Orbit Jade and Grey Paua Shell Silver Rings

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Dark green Jade and grey Paua Shall gemstone hand set in a silver setting to create statement rings. 

Jade is a complex gemstone formed as a result of metamorphic processes. Jade forms along active subduction zones in high-pressure, low-temperature environments deep in the Earth’s mantle, where basaltic ocean plates subduct (sink) under lighter continental plates. Jadeite occurs in metamorphic rocks. Jade has two varietes Jadeite, sodium aluminium silicate and Nephrite,a calcium magnesium iron silicate. 

Jade has been appreciated as a form of adornment since Neolithic times over 5000B.C.  It has always been greatly revered in Chinese culture , being a symbol of good luck and good health . It is also thought to bring harmony, peace and virtue .It is the birthstone for Taurus and Libra. 

Paua shell is found mainly in the sea waters around New Zealand .  It is harvested sustainably by free divers. The mollusc which produces the shell is mainly sought after for its meat , the shell being a bi-product. The New Zealand government manages the resource by allowing the harvest of a certain number per day and these must be above a specified size. 

Paua Shell is a birthstone for the water signs of Pisces , Aquarius , Cancer and Scorpio.

Average ring weight: 6.5 grams      Gemstone suze 1.8cm x 1.3cm 

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