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Orbital Paua Shell Silver Bangle

  • £9900

An elegant handcrafted Silver Bangle with a little gemstone as an added accent . The bangle has an open back and is designed to be placed over the narrower side of the wrist then gently turned to face the front. Although the bangle is not joined at the back it is NOT designed to be squeezed or opened further to fit the wrist . 

Bangle weight:   12.3 grams   Stone size;  1cm x 0.8cm      Wrist size 17cm 

Paua Shell is found mainly in the sea waters around New Zealand . It is harvested sustainably by free divers. The mollusc which produces the shell is mainly sought after for its meat , the shell being a bi-product. The New Zealand government manages the resource by allowing the harvest of a certain number per day and these must be above a specified size. 

The shells may be blue ,deep or pale pink in colour and exhibit wonderful swirling designs. They are made from many layers of nacre , created by the organism.

Paua Shell is a birthstone for the water signs of Pisces , Aquarius , Cancer and Scorpio.


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