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Pacific Peridot and Blue Topaz Silver Earrings

Pacific Peridot and Blue Topaz Silver Earrings

  • £3390

These delicate, elegant earrings are available with a Peridot or a Blue Topaz gemstone.

Peridot is an Olivene mineral, which was first seen in Europe during the 11th century, when it was brough back by The Crusaders, being found in abundance in the region of the Red Sea. It is the stone for Leo and Cancer. Thought to clear and focus the mind, banishing lethargy!

Blue Topaz is formed due to thermodynamic processes during the crystallization of Igneous rocks. Worn as an amulet by Ancient Egyptians and Greeks to prevent injury and increase strength. It is said to provide tranquility and improve the intellect. 

Weight: 2.65 grams       Total length including hook: 2.7 cm    Width: 1.2 cm 

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