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Pique Rose Quartz Silver EARRINGS

  • £3890

Elegant Earrings with a teardrop Rose Quartz gemstones handset in silver with a delicate crescent swirl beneath the stone . Also availble in Amber , Moonstone ,Aqua Agate and Blue Lace Agate

The image shows the earrings with a pendant which can be purchased seperately search for Pique Rose Quartz Silver Pendant.

Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide. As magma from deep within the Earth cooled silicon  combined with oxygen to form  Quartz.  If Titanium and Dumortierite are also present ,the quartz takes on a delicate pink hue, hence Rose Quartz.

 Ancient Greek myth suggests that Artemis the goddess of Hunting was jealous of the hunting skills of Adonis and sent a wild boar to kill him . Aphrodite the goddess of Love tried to save him but cut herself in the process. Their blood mingled and dripped onto the quartz rocks below and stained them a pink hue so creating Rose Quartz. The Ancient Egyptians believed Rose Quartz could prevent aging ,worth a try !

Known as 'The Venus Stone', as it promotes love and friendship.  The  birthstone for Pisces, Taurus, and Libra.  May calm emotions and bring success in life.  

Weight Earrings:  2.5 grams    Stone size: 0.8cm x 0.6cm   Earring length 2.5cm

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