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Polar Charoite Silver Pendant and Chain

Polar Charoite Silver Pendant and Chain

  • £4290

Two irregular shaped Charoite gemstons set in silver complete with an 18 inch silver chain.  Both gemstones have a flat surface with the characteristic linear structure of Charoite. 

Charoite is formed by the process of Contact Metamorphism as pre existing limestone and marble rocks are altered by intense heat and pressure. Charoite is a complex silicate mineral which has a vibrant purple colour and is found almost exclusively around the Chara River in Siberia, from which it gets its name. It is a recently discovered gemstone, first located in 1978.

It has a dull lustre and exhibits fibrous striations and patches of darker and lighter material.

Charoite is thought to increase inner strength to overcome adversity ,  provide energy and improve self esteem .

Right Pendant weight:  5.6 grams      Stone size:   4cm x 1.5cm

Left Pendant weeight:   4.4 grams      Stone size:  3.1cm x 1.5cm

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