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Rhodonite Rings

Rhodonite Rings

  • £7990

Rhodonite is a manganese ionosilicate. It is formed by contact metamorphism when hot hydrothermal fluids penetrated pre existing rocks . It is named after "rhodon" the Greek for rose and exhibits an attractive pale pink colour. Each gemstone is a unique shape and has been hand set in silver. 

Rhodonite is thought to promote emotional healing and aid anxiety and stress. 

The rings are adjustable to the sizes lised below. Chose your size and we shall adjust accordingly . However they are  NOT designed to be constantly adjusted  and shoud be left at the specified size. 

Right Ring weight:7.26 grams     Stone size:  2cm x 1cm    Adjustable to sizes L, M, N, O

Lefr Ring weight : 7.63 grams     Stone size:  2cm x 1.3cm  Adjustable to sizes L, M , N

Please choose your size and  we shall adjust accordingly. 

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