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Round Pearl Pendants with Hammered Silver Design

Round Pearl Pendants with Hammered Silver Design

  • £3690

Two Pearl and Silver pendants to choose from , both with a hammered silver design and each comes complete with an 18 inch silver chain. 

Pearls can be natural or cultured and are formed from nacre a substance created by the Pearl Oyster. Nacre is a combination of the mineral Aragonite and a protein called conchiolin. Most pearls used in jewellery are cultured as natural pearls are extremely expensive. Legend states that pearls were formed from dewdrops which were swallowed by oysters as they fell into the sea. A lovely thought !

They are a birthstone for Gemini and Cancer.  They are a symbol of femininity , fertility and longevity.

Right Pendant weight with chain: 4 grams       Pearl size : 0,8cm round 

Left pendant weight with chain:   5.2 grams     Pearl size:  1cm round

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