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Ruby Pendant & Rhodonite Pendant

Ruby Pendant & Rhodonite Pendant

  • £4890

Two unique pendants handset  in silver . On the right  an elongated Rhodonite Pendant with a decorative bale ,on the left a cabochon cut Ruby Pendant . Both pendants include an 18 inch silver chain. 

Rubies are the red form of the mineral Corundum , an aluminium oxide. The red colour is the result of a small amount of Chromium . The name Ruby comes from` ruber`, the Latin for red. A birthstone for Cancerians. 

Rhodonite is a manganese silicate, usually formed as the result of contact metamorphism  when lavas penetrate pre existing rocks and change them at the point of contact by extreme heat and pressure. 

It was originally found in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

It is thought Rhodonite helps promote self respect, clearing the mind of doubt and anger. May help in reaching ones potential. 

Rhodonite Pendant weight:    5.7 grams   Stone size:  1.9cm   x  1.2cm 

Ruby Pendant weight:              4.7 grams  Stone size:  1.1cm round



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