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Oxidised Silver Caprea Necklace

  • £6990

Semi-precious Gemstones set into oxidised silver with entwined leaf embelishments on either side, 19 inch inches in length.

Weighs: 11g   Stone Measurement: 14mm x 18mm

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl is a smooth, shining, iridescent, organic substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs. This stone heightens intuition, sensitivity, and imagination .

The Amber used by Outrage jewellers originates in the Baltic. Ancient people believed the sun’s rays were trapped in Amber and that it helps with absent-mindedness and headaches. It can also revitalise the mind, body and soul to help relieve emotional and physical wounds.

This stone is dark blue aluminium silicate interspersed with white calcite, found in Brazil. It encourages self-esteem and trust in others.

A beautiful green stone, exhibiting layers with dark and light, often concentric banding. It is in fact a major copper ore,  presently being mined in Zaire and Zambia. When worn it raises the spirits and induces a general feeling of happiness. During Medieval times those who wore Malachite were said to be protected from the power of witches. 

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