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Silver Mirage Gemstone Ring

  • £4490

This Ring creates an illusion, on one side of the stone the shank  has a simple silver band on the other side the band is parted. 

Right ring Black Onyx , centre right Blue Goldstone, left ring  Snowflake Obsidian , centre left Turquoise

We have only one Unakite ring left seen in the middle of back row of last image whci green orange colouration.

Weighs: 4.5g      Stone Measurement: 10mm x 14mm

Black Onyx    Onyx, a form of chalcedony, is often artificially coloured jet black. It aids concentration and self-control, whilst also balancing male and female polarities.

Blue Goldstone   A synthetic stone created in Italy by monks practising alchemy. The colour is a very deep blue with tiny flecks of gold colour. It is reputed to have healing properties due to its copper and gold content. It is believed enhance dreams and the will to do good.

Turquoise   This stone has a vivid sky blue or green-blue colour, often containing grey or brown veins. It has been highly valued by many cultures. The Turks, after whom the stone is named, attached Turquoise to their horses bridles for protection. The Native Americans believed the stone to be 'the breath of life', symbolising the sky and reminding humans of their spirituality. When worn it strengthens the entire anatomy, brings wisdom and attract friendship. It brings happiness and luck, especially when given as a gift.

Snowflake Obsidian   Snowflake Obsidian, a volcanic rock, composed of silicon dioxide and mostly found in Mexico. It is thought to be good for detoxification and can also help with skin ailments.

Unakite is formed when granite rocks are altered by the heat and pressure of hydrothermal activity. It consists of green Epidote, pink Orthoclase Feldspar and clear Quartz. Originally found in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina , U.S.A.

An unusual stone which is thought to facilitate compassion and nurturing , helping to overcome difficult issues. 

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