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Sunrise Amber Silver Pendant and Chain

  • £12590

An elongated oval Amber gemstone handcrafted in silver complete with an 18 inch silver chain. The pendant had a triple wave detail on one side which adds to its uniqueness. All Amber has the wonderful quality of changing its appearance according to the light conditions. This piece has a lot of tiny inclusions mainly gaseous bubbles from the time of its formation creating a gemstone of character. 

Our Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees existing in the Baltic region over 44 million years ago. The process of molecular polymerization slowly changed the resin to Amber . It has been used for homeopathic purposes for millenia and is thought to relieve stress and bring calm by absorbing negative energy.

Pendant weight: 8.53 grams  Stone size:  3.4cm x 1.7cm

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