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Swirl Drop Silver Gemstone Earrings

  • £3690

These earrings are handcrafted and delicate. 

Jade has two varietes Jadeite , sodium aluminium silicate and Nephrite, a calcium magnesium iron silicate. Both are commonly green in colour. It has always been highly valued in Central America and China. It was originally used to make axe heads, due to its durability. 

Jade promotes harmony , balance and purity. The birthstone for Taurus.

 Turquoise ,  a vibrant stone , formed from hydrated copper phospate solutions percolating through older rocks and eventually solidifying . Called `The Breath of Life` by the Native Americans, reminding humans of their Spitituality. Said to attract good luck and friendships. 

It is the birthstone for Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Jade and Turquoise earring pairs weigh 3.3 grams

Stone size 10mm x 7mm

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