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Tigers Eye or Iolite multi stone bracelet

Tigers Eye or Iolite multi stone bracelet

  • £6790

These bracelets have eight gemstones and are set in silver with a cross hatch pattern . 

Tigers Eye exhibits chatoyancy, which means that as it is moved , reflecting the light ,it gleams like the eye of a tiger. 

Tiger`s Eye is thought  to release anxieties. aid harmony and improve decision making . It is one of the birthstones for Leo and Gemini. 

Iolite is the gemstone quality type of the mineral cordierite, formed as a result of metamorphic processes. It is a mystycal stone promoting wisdom , introspection and honesty.

Iolite  is a magical purple blue colour 

Weight 19 grams  Length 22cm  , 8 and half inches 

Stone Size 1.4cm  x  1cm 

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