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Tigers Eye Pendant and Earrings

Tigers Eye Pendant and Earrings

  • £3290

This Tigers Eye Silver Pendant exhibits wonderful chatoyancy , the ability to `wink `as the direction of light hitting the stone changes.  The Earrings compliment the pendant well. Each product can be bought seperately.

Tiger`s Eye is formed as a result of metamorphic processes within the Earth. Tigers Eye  consists of silicon dioxide with some iron. Fibres of the pre existing mineral Crocidolite are replaced by bands of silica whch are then stained brown by the presence of iron. It is the reflection of light off this fibrous structure which results in the play of colour called chatoyancy .

Tiger`s Eye is thought  to release anxieties, aid harmony and improve decision making . It is one of the birthstones for Leo and Gemini. 

Pendant weight: 11 grams   Stone size 3.4cm x 2.5cm

Earrings weight:  3.4 grams  Stone size 0.9cm x 0.7cm

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