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Trio Silver Heart Pendant with Amethyst Garnet and Citrine Gemstones

Trio Silver Heart Pendant with Amethyst Garnet and Citrine Gemstones

  • £4990

A handcrafted silver heart pendant embelished with three marquise shaped gemstones, deep red Garnet , pale yellow Citrine and delicate purple Amethyst . The pendant comes complete with an 18 inch silver chain.

Amethyst is a silicate mineral with traces of iron . Amethyst forms when silica rich solutions enter cavities, evaporate and form beautiful crystals . Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity and even prevent drunkenness!

Citrine is a macrocrystalline quartz. Natural Citrine is quite rare and is a pale yellow colour. The name Citrine  is derived from `citron` the French for lemon. Citrine is known as the Merchant`s Stone as it is reputed to attract wealth and prosperity  and was often kept in merchant`s cash boxes. May improve self esteem and bring positivity. 

Garnets form as a result of the metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks under intense heat and pressure within the Earth`s crust, often at the boundaries of moving tectonic plates.The word Garnet originated from the Latin word for seed, `granatus`, as it resembles the seed of the pomegratate. It was worn as a protective amulet  by Saxons Celts, Native Americans and both Muslims and Christians during the Crusades .It is a birthstone for Aquarius and it thought to protect, purify and inspire love and devotion. 

Pendant weight 5.2 grams    Size of pendant 3.1cm x 3.2cm

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