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Tsuki Sakora Jasper Silver Ring

  • £6290

Beautiful Sakura Jasper gemstone handcrafted in silver. The gemstone shows a play of delicate pink and green huespeckled with darker shades. Sakura is the Japanese for "flowering cherry tree" and these pink hues are reflected in the gemstones. Perfect as as statement on your index or middle finger. 

Jasper is an aggregate of microcrystalline quartz. It was formed as a result of the consolidation of pyroclastic materials,  volcanic ash, which were cemented together with silicaceous solutions, and solidified under intense heat and pressure within the earth. Sometimes the process was so intense that the minerals melted and recrystallised . Often the silicaceous liquids entered calcareous rocks such as limestone or dolomite and were absorbed and encorporated into these porous rocks. Thus this wonderful stone exhibits a neverending number of patterns and pictures. 

Jasper is the stone of inner strength , confidence and harmony. It may increase connectivity with nature and the earth. A birthstone for Aquarius and Capricorn .

Ring weight: 11.8 grams    Stone size: 3.4cm x 1.7cm     Ring size O1/2

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