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Rough Cut Labradorite Silver Gemstone Rings

  • £6490

These Labradorite Gemstones have been left unpolished in their natural state . This raw element adds a certain interest to the pieces as it enables the gemstone to reflect the light in a myriad of directions and also exhibits the complex internal structure of the mineral.  We have tried to provide images to show how the gemstones appear in changing lighting conditions . They vary from subltle grey hues to vibrant blues. The right ring is slighly prouder on the finger than the left and has a more unusual and uneven gemstone.

Lanradorite is plagioclase feldspar mineral displaying an irridescent optical effect called labradorescence, so as the stone is moved  it responds by changes of hue and colour. This irridescence is due to a scattering of the reflected light, from microscopic parallel intergrowths of Albite and Orthoclase minerals.

A birthstone for Aquarius , Pisces and Cancer. Labradorite is called the Stone of Transformation , providing strength and perseverance in times of change . Also may relieve anxiety and stress.

Right ring weight: 14.3 grams    Stone size: 3cm x 1.6cm     Size O1/2 to P

Left ring weight:   12.7 grams   Stone size: 2.8cm x 1.9cm   Size P1/2 to Q

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