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Verdure Silver Moonstone Topaz Onyx Cuff Bangle

Verdure Silver Moonstone Topaz Onyx Cuff Bangle

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An unusual handcrafted Cuff Bangle with a leaf motif set with white Moonstone, Blue Topaz and Green Onyx gemstones. 

Althought the cuff has an open back it is NOT designed to be pulled open or squeezed to obtain a different size. Please push the bangle over the side of the wrist where it is narrowest then twist into position either onto the wrist or the forearm as you prefer. 

Moonstone is an Orthoclase Feldspar, formed from cooling magmas  deep within the Earth As the magmas cooled at differing speeds so thin layers of the minerals Albite and Orthoclase formed It is regarded by many cultures as the stone of femininity and is the birthstone for Cancerians. It may improve intuition and creativity ,provide a calming effect .

Topaz is a silicate mineral consisting of aluminium and fluorine formed during the crystallization of igneous rocks, especially granite and rhyolite. It is the birthstone for Scorpio, Aries Taurus, Sagittarius. Topaz is said to bring peace and tranquility , aiding in the process of meditation. May also protect from enemies and bring reconciliation to disputes. 

Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony, formed when silica rich solutions cooled and solidified in cavties within lavas. Ancient Indian and Persian civilizations believed Onyx would protect from evil and assist with the journey of life. Onyx is thought to help in times of stress, improve courage, protect the wearer , improve intuition and help individuals move to the next phase in their lives. It is the birthstone for Leo and Capricorn . 

Bangle weight 15.2 grams   Wrist size 18cm

Stone sizes: Moonstone 1cm x 0.9cm  Blue Topaz 0.8cm x 0.7cm Green Onyx 0.7cm x 0.5cm

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