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Vibrant Opal Pendant with Chain

Vibrant Opal Pendant with Chain

  • £8990

Reds , Blues , Greens, all flash through this amazing stone. 

We think you will be positively surprised when you see this piece in actuality.

Opals are created from silion dioxide solutions, which entered cracks in ancient rocks during the Cretaceous geological period.  Once the water evaporated , the tiny spherical silica particles eventually created Opals. White light is refracted by these spheres and is broken up to form the colours of the spectrum .

Opal is a birthstone for Libra , Taurus  and the months of October, September and November...

Opals are said to encourage stable relationships and companionship.

Weight:  including 18 inch silver chain 6.5 grams

Stone size : 14mm x 12mm

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