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Chats With Our Customers Are Always Special

Posted by Regina Tombs on

A great day at Outrage Jewellers with our customers...

So, who visited our shop today?

A young man buying a gift for a friend, He's visited before, and was looking for a bracelet. So, after a little chat to find out what he wanted, browsing the displays and considering a Labradorite bracelet, he suddenly found a lovely Moss Agate bracelet and that was the one.

It turned out he worked at a Spanish tapas bar “El Bareto” in LS 17. Check it out! As my Papillon Chester, was wandering around the shop conversation turned to dogs.

It turned out that his boss is a Guide Dog owner, well, as I had Puppy Walked 12 potential Guide dogs, that was quite a coincidence. He then noticed our Guide Dog Tombola, bought 10 tickets, but unfortunately did not win one of the puppies, but he got a little gift instead.

Then a customer of 20 years walked in, determined to buy yet another piece of Amber for his wife, who has a passion for it. After looking at several of the more unique pieces, he finally settled on the piece which he said “spoke” to him, a lovely pendant with some insects encased in it. I was sad to see it go, as it was one of the last such pieces, but it has gone to a good home.

A couple arrived, as it was the lady's birthday, she tried several rings. The husband was determined that she buy one or even both of the rings she liked, much deliberation took place, a Moonstone ring, or a Labradorite ring, or both. Then a Moonstone pendant came into play, hmm now what to do. The husband was going to buy everything, but the lady eventually decided, with a little persuasion from her husband on the two rings.

If you have your rings stolen, then you want to replace them, and having just received a bonus from work, it was the ideal time for our next customer to shop.

A present for a friend and one for yourself! Our next customers from Australia were happy to choose some rings from Outrage. They will be whizzing over to Aussie soon, where bizarrely we have quite a few Instagram followers.

A pair of earrings, from the sale cabinet, made the ideal stocking filler for the lady starting her Christmas shopping.

A lovely day with great customers, in small Independent shops it's so easy to get to know our customers, and we always have interesting chats!

Who will come in over the next few days? Keep an eye out for our next post to find out

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