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Geological Wonders Inspire Us To Create Jewellery

Posted by Regina Tombs on


We love to adorn ourselves, but what inspired us to use gemstones as personal decoration? Maybe it's because nature fashions such magnificent natural structures. Nature is awesome!

Take the mineral called Pyrite, its crystals naturally form perfect Cubes! How? Well in a variety of complex ways, often slowly cooling from hydrothermal fluids. For really detailed information on its formation please follow this link.

The name Pyrite is Greek for fire. If pyrite crystals are struck together, they form sparks, and consequently can light a fire.

Pyrite is a lovely golden colour, and so earned the nickname “Fool's Gold”, as it was often mistaken by miners for actual gold. Sometimes the crystals are quite large, so their flat surfaces were used by the Incas as mirrors. Small pieces of Iron Pyrites can be used to embellish pieces of jewellery in the form of Marcasite.

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