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Amethyst or Garnet Silver Twirl Pendant with Chain

Amethyst or Garnet Silver Twirl Pendant with Chain

  • £3890

Faceted Amethyst and Garnet gemstones in a delicate swilrling silver setting complete with an 18 inch silver chain. The deep red Garnet is on the right of the image , the delicate purple Amethyst is on the left .

Garnets form as a result of the metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks under intense heat and pressure within the Earth`s crust, often at the boundaries of moving tectonic plates.  There are several groups of Garnet , the most common being  Pyrope and Alamandite , which are magnesium or iron aluminium silicates. Most Garnets are red in colour.

Amethyst is a silicate mineral with traces of iron . Amethyst forms when silica rich solutions enter cavities, evaporate and form beautiful crystals . In the right conditions the iron in the crystals is irradiated , so producing the rich purple colour of the stone. 

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity and even prevent drunkenness! 

Pendant and chain weight:  5.9 grams        Pendant diameter: 2.2 cm 

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